Da Normans in AUSTRALIA!!!

January 7, 2009 at 1:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Visiting Australia has been a dream of Dave’s and mine for many, many years – during my 3rd year of university I seriously considered moving to Australia after graduation, but then I met Dave and everything fell apart 🙂 

Since we’re on this side of the world, we decided that we might as well seize the day and take the trip while we live substantially closer to Australia now than when we’re back home in Canada.   Dave’s Uncle Tony and Aunt Cheryl live just outside of Sydney, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to spend some time with family and do some sightseeing. 

Unfortunately Mr. Park wouldn’t solidify our winter vacation dates until the beginning of December, and by that point all of the good deals on flights had long expired.  We did some searching and found that our options consisted of flights with massive 12+ hour layovers in Hong Kong, or we were looking at spending an astronomical amount of money.  We did some bargaining with a couple of travel agents in Seoul, and managed to come up with a “deal” that would cost us roughly an entire month’s salary for two round-trip tickets.  That’s a big chunk of change.  We said goodbye to a couple thousand dollars, and secured seats on a flight to Australia that left on December 27th and returned on January 4th.  A whole eight days in Australia!!  It seemed too good to be true. 

Over the next few days I’ll upload new entries that give you a good idea of how we spent each of those eight days, so stay posted!


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