The Everland of Yore

October 4, 2008 at 3:23 am (Uncategorized)

Sup peeps,

It’s Dave, and I’m finally writing a post!  Holy crap!

So, after the shortest week of work ever (Monday to Wednesday, as the school trip was Thursday and Friday was a holiday), Lisa and I dressed down to shorts, band T-shirts, showed off tattoos and didn’t shave … okay well the last two were just me.  There is supposed to be a certain amount of professionalism at work, but we’ve noticed that some teachers wear T-shirts with profanity on them, jeans or simply wear the same thing every day.  So it was rather nice to walk into work feeling like I didn’t give a damn about my appearance, as my parents know that is how I like to present myself.  Haha Mom!

Anyways, we left for Everland ( check out the awesome theme song) with the kids at about 10am and were supposed to get there by 11am and then have lunch.  I wish I had videotaped the ride down to Everland, as there were at least 5 times when I ripped chunks out of the seat because we almost ended up in 5 car accidents.  The traffic here is absolutely insane and I couldn’t take my eyes off the road, especially when changing lanes.  It’s a good thing the driver didn’t speak English or he would have shouted at me numerous times for being a backseat driver.  Although, it wasn’t all his fault, as EVERYONE here SUCKS at driving!  Not only that, but the highways are always packed, even at 11 in the morning.  So after traffic problems and the bus drivers getting lost for another 15 minutes we arrived at Everland a half our late and began to each our lunches.  The teachers were given lunches from Mr. Park (amounting to a crapload of food), but in the end most of our students called us over and gave us candies, snacks and bacon wrapped kimbap, which was much better than the stuff packed by Mr. Park.

At about noon we headed into the park.  There was one defining difference between the execution of visiting Everland compared to the COEX Aquarium, and that was the buddy system.  What an idea!  An older child was paired with a younger child in order to keep the kids together in one blue and yellow mass, as well as bestow some responsibility on the older kids to look after their young counterparts.  Oh, and by the way, I mentioned that the massive blob of kids were blue and yellow because our school’s ‘uniforms’ are that colour … and so is every other school’s!  It was ridiculous trying to figure out if I was standing next to KidsClub students or some random child from another school.  I think I noticed at least 4 other schools wearing the same colours.

By the time we entered the park everyone was sweating profusely and needed water.  Because Lisa and I rule, we brought 2 waterbottles with us and continually filled them up at water fountains throughout the day.  So every couple of minutes a pack of kids would come up to us and yell, “Teacher!  Water!” so we were constantly being swarmed by all these cute little kiddies.  Also, throughout the day at least one, if not two or three kids wanted to hold our hands, so we spent the majority of the day with kids fighting over who could hold our hands while we walked around the park, which was extremely cute.

Our first stop was a seal show … with Captain Hook.  A … Korean Captain Hook.  With a mustache.  A fake mustache.  And he spoke Korean.  It was kind of weird.  Buuuut, the kids loved it and were laughing the entire time at all the jokes he said, which Lisa and I didn’t understand.  We both just looked at each other and shrugged when dialogue was spoken.  The actual seal show was really good though, as 4 seals slid around the floor, played basketball, jumped through hoops, caught mini-hoops, clapped, hugged each other, creeped on their hind … flippers around walls, and some other stuff that I can’t remember.  That lasted about 20 minutes, and then we headed over to the Monkey Village.  Here were Lemurs, Orangutans, Baboons and a couple of other fellas.  These were just monkeys being monkeys, so after another 20 minutes we decided to head over to some rides, and on the way we passed some ghost tigers, Korean tigers, parrots and large mammal skulls.  Or skullz if you will.

We reached the first kiddie ride which consisted of 2/3 of a sphere attached to a long pole that shoots out of the ground.  Lisa and I were able to jump on with the 2nd batch of kids and I think Lisa severely regrets that decision.  As you may or may not know, I love my rides as crazy as can be, so once the ride started we realized that there was a lever in between us that made our circular vessel spin.  So I grabbed it with two hands and pumped that sucka for about 3 minutes straight, while we spun around in the air at ludicrous speed, Lisa got very dizzy and started to feel a little sick.  Did I stop?  No sir, I made her tape us and I pumped it even harder, so when we got off the ride she wobbled over to the railing and waited for the disorientation to pass before moving on.  What a trooper, my lovely wife is!

Actually it wasn’t really as bad as I am making it sound, but she was a little dizzy, and laughing about how crazy I was.  Next, we moved on to the flying elephant ride, which Lisa and I decided not to go on because we would probably have fallen asleep.  Instead, we stood at the railing and taped the kids as they swung by us, waving frantically at the camera on every turn.  Following this ride we took about 10 steps to a very similar ride just … you guessed it, 10 feet away.  It was a spinning circular platform containing motorcycles, 4x4s, racing cars and fire trucks.  The kids clamoured in and were spun around (very slowly) whilst waving at the camera again.  We definitely have a lot of smiling faces waving at us on the camera, which in 3 or 4 years we might actually upload so you can see!  Baha, jokes on you!

It was a little after 3pm at this point, and we decided to head over to the Halloween parade at 3:20 before heading back to the school.  We took some pictures of the classes and the entire school on the way, and arrived just in time to see the tail end of the parade walking past us.  At this point, some of the younger kids were falling asleep while walking, so Lisa had to pick up little Christine and carry her out of the park.  Every teacher was carrying a student by the end, and it was obviously time to leave.  So we packed up the two buses and headed home, with half of the students passing out on the way back in some very uncomfortable looking positions.

We were back at the school at around 5:15 or so, and we decided after talking to the other English teacher at our school that we will have to plan a trip with our friends here to Everland … with NO children!  There were some really cool looking rides and restuarants that we were not able to enjoy as we were the babysitters, so we will be heading back later this month (hopefully) with 10 or so people to enjoy Everland as it should be enjoyed … people vomiting after the bigger rides make them sick.  I can’t wait!







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