Dave & Lisa + Electronics + Korea = Bad

September 20, 2008 at 11:46 am (Uncategorized)

Since we’ve arrived in Korea we have had a run of terrible luck with electronic devices.  This is the land of cell phones and high tech gizmos that even the oldest of Koreans use with ease, but everything that we touch seems to break instantaneously.  When we arrived we found our apartment equipped with a television – hooray!  But unfortunately the people before us had put a lit candle on top and had burned quite a nice hole through the top of the plastic.  On top of that, the channels came in very intermittently, and we had many a blue screen instead of actual shows.  We brought our Wii from Canada to keep our thumbs well oiled, but the universal remote with the TV didn’t allow us to change from TV to video, hence we could not use the Wii. 

After a few weeks we’d had enough of this piece of junk, and talked to the Korean teachers at school about the best place to pick up a good TV.  They recommended a website called Daum (http://www.daum.net/) which is similar to Ebay, where we could buy a new or used TV for much, much cheaper than any store.  Charlotte, the head teacher, picked out a decent used TV that we could get for $80, so we signed up.  The TV was delivered to the school later that week, and we hauled it home, excited with childish glee that we could finally enjoy some NHL Hitz or Toe Jam & Earl.  Well, the TV worked for the first night, then completely conked out the second night.  When we switched to video the screen went all snowy, so we couldn’t even navigate the Wii menu, let alone play any games.  Frustrated, we asked Charlotte to call the company and ask for an exchange.  Happily, they obliged and agreed to send another TV by the end of the week.

We hauled the TV back to school and kept our fingers crossed that the new one would work for at least two days this time.  Version 2.0 arrived at school on Thursday, and all the way home we hoped and prayed that this one would work.  Nope, nice try, but thanks for playing.  This one was snowy as soon as we plugged it in.  Plus, whenever a show has a loud bass line the speakers rattle.  Oh my god, it was then that we realized that we had traded in our bad TV for an even worse TV.  We had to go back and ask Charlotte to call the company again to ask for a refund this time, no more exchanges.  She said that the company tested the TV before they sent it out and everything worked just fine.  Okay, whatever, just give us our money back.  We still don’t know if they’ll give us a refund….it’s all kind of lost in translation at the moment.  We’re currently stuck with a TV that has rattling speakers and won’t play the Wii….can we just go back in time and spend the extra money for a new TV from a department store that we know will work?!?!  No can do, compadre. 

On top of this we have the issues with our computer.  Again, our apartment came equipped with a (very old) computer – yay!  We thought we had it made.  Unfortunately this computer is ridiculously out of date and is better suited for a garbage pile than actual use.  Dave inherently believes that computers are out to get him, and are likely to explode if he looks at them the wrong way, and the one we have is not doing much to dispell these irrational fears. 

We brought our video camera and digital camera with us to visually capture Korea, but as I’ve mentioned before, we have had no luck in uploading all of our pictures and videos onto our home computer.  Our video camera came with some software discs, which I decided to install last week to see if we could make some progress with the uploading process.  We bought this video camera through Ebay, and the discs that came with it are (ironically) in Korean, so I just clicked “yes” to everything and finished the installation. 

Well, somewhere in this process I must have clicked on the wrong “yes” button, because I managed to reformat the entire video camera and wipe clean an entire memory card.  Of all discs, this happened to be the one with the majority of our honeymoon videos.  That’s right, we lost about 2/3 of the amazing videos from our honeymoon in one fell swoop.  We hadn’t copied them before we came to Korea, so they’re just gone.  No back up, nothing.  All of the videos from Amsterdam, from Paris and Switzerland, Dave zorbing down the mountain – gone.  I can’t even describe how upset Dave and I both were when we realized that these priceless videos were gone.  It still pains me to think about it.   So we are much worse off than before – we still can’t upload our Korean videos, and we’ve lost irreplacable videos from our honeymoon.  Fantastic.

The technology gods are against us, and I’m not sure why.  What can we do to appease you, oh mighty gods?!?  Sacrifice some sort of animal in your name?  Perhaps burn our TV and computer in a ceremonial offering?  This is getting a little ridiculous.


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