September 7, 2008 at 11:05 am (Uncategorized)

Last night we met up with one of our Korean social network groups called the Dining Out Group.  It was our first time joining them, and we were a little nervous, but the whole point is to go out and try new restaurants, so we figured at the very least we’d find a good place to eat.  The plan was to meet in an area in southern Seoul called Itaewon – it’s kind of a seedy area with lots of strip clubs, prostitutes, the American military base, and generally a whole lot of drunken frat boys most of the time (  This is the place where Dave found a shop that sells authentic NFL throwback jerseys for only $20, so it does have some redeeming qualities! 

The restaurant where we were meeting is called the All-American Diner (how appropriate, considering the area), and we were told to expect some good quality wings, burgers, and typical American food.  Itaewon is only one street long, so it wasn’t hard to find the restaurant, which was right beside a McDonalds, and right above a Starbucks.  Welcome to America Town! 

We headed upstairs, headed into the party room and took a seat.  There was a table full of young people, but no one came over to say hi, and we were getting a weird vibe from them.  After a few minutes, Dave checked out the table and there was a cake on it that said “Happy 25th Birthday!”, and it was then that we realized we’d gone into the wrong party room.  Oops.  We were sitting there quietly crashing someone else’s birthday party. 

We were looking for a rock to crawl under, but instead we made a quick exit and saw the other party room with the sign that read “Dining Out Group”.  We’re such idiots.  We joined the right group and instantly had a great time – there were about 20 people there from all over Seoul, all different age groups and professions.  Dave sat beside a guy named Roy who’s been in the army for 20 years and was stationed in Itaewon.  They had some very interesting conversations about the first gulf war….

The food was great, although it took over an hour to come out, so we didn’t eat until after 9pm.  Dave got a good old fashioned bacon cheese burger and some hot wings, and I had a chicken caesar wrap.  It almost felt like we were back home!  We made some great connections with some of the people there, and we’re looking forward to the next outing. 

After dinner we headed over to a bar called Gecko’s, and they were advertizing that every day in September was Canada Day!  They had special deals on Moosehead beer, too, so Dave was absolutely thrilled.  The bar was a pretty skeezy place, it was chock full of white guys rocking out to Guns N Roses.  Not really the kind of place I prefer, but Dave enjoyed his beer then we said goodbye to the group and headed home.  We actually got home before midnight!  Fantastic.


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  1. Freaky Deaky Lesley said,


    White Guys + Guns N Roses = Fantastic. Was Paul there?

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