Pay Day!!!

September 3, 2008 at 1:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Woo hoo!  We finally got our first pay cheque today – what a happy day 🙂  August was a pretty lean month;  we came to Korea with only a few hundred dollars, so we asked Mr. Park for an advance on half our first month’s pay so we could buy food and do some fun stuff, too.  It’s nice to know that we’ll have a little extra to pad ourselves over the next month.

We’re officially millionaires!  The Koreans add an extra three zeroes to their currency, so our monthly salary of $4,400 becomes a whopping $4.4 million won!  It sounds like a ridiculous amount of money, and we like to delude ourselves into thinking we’re filthy rich. Okay, so it wasn’t actually a pay cheque as much as it was a huge wad of cash (more on the reason for this below).  We took a few pictures of Dave rolling in all the dough, but our computer won’t let us upload the pictures.  Rest assured, they are funny.  We’ll post ASAP.

What are we going to do with all this money, you ask??  Well, as soon as we get a bank account we’re going to start saving as much as we can and pay off those pesky debts (I wrote that part for you, Clements & Norman parents).  We are living a wild and crazy life, let me tell you.  But!  We are planning on buying a small tv so we can finally hook up the Wii we (wee wee – ha!) dragged half way around the world.  The one we have now is so ridiculously ancient it doesn’t even have the option to switch from tv to video.  I think Dave’s going through Wii withdrawal, a condition I will now call We Without Wii. 

The reason for the huge wad of cash rather than a direct deposit into a bank account: we’ve run into some snags with the Alien Registration process and we are not allowed to open a bank account until we have the precious Alien Registration card.  Mr. Park kept forgetting to and/or was too busy to go in and apply for the card (typical of our often frazzled boss), and when he finally did he was told that our blood and urine samples weren’t tested for the right diseases so we’d have to redo the whole process.  They want to make sure we don’t have AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis or any other major diseases, plus they want to make sure we haven’t been abusing drugs.  I guess those lines of coke I did in Paris and the needles Dave shared with that homeless guy in Brussels may come back to haunt us.  I don’t know what they tested for last time, and why we have to redo everything again… frustrating.  So we’re a month in to living in Korea, and we’re back at square one in terms of becoming legal here.  We’re headed back to the hospital again tomorrow to give more fluids – yay!  I’m not a fan of needles, and I really hate the feeling of having blood taken.  Yes, I’m whining. 

9pm; time for our new favourite show on the Discovery Channel – Living with the Mek Tribe: the Adventures of Mark and Olly.  If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out – it’s so interesting!

10pm; update!  We just found out that there’s only one more episode of Living with the Mek Tribe left.  This makes me very sad.  There isn’t a ton of English television in South Korea, and this show was the highlight of our viewing week.  Yes, it’s more than a little sad, but we really look forward to Wednesday nights because of Mark and Olly.  At least it’s educational.

Alright, time for bed.  I’ll post again soon!



*Update!* Here are the pics of Dave rolling in the dough:




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  1. Cai said,

    Enjoying sharing your experiences up to now, keep up the good work, “show me the money”!! xx

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